Kim Deal explains why there will be no new Pixies record

Breeders frontwoman says classic bands shouldn't new albums

Pixies bassist Kim Deal has explained why there would be no new album from the reformed band.

As previously reported Deal was reluctant to make a new album, sayinf: “Hell no, because I don’t want to.”

Explaining her comments, Deal has now added that she does not think it’s a good a idea for classic bands to try and make new music.

She told Rolling Stone: “I heard the last Rolling Stones record was good. The thing is I don’t even care if it’s the best thing they’ve ever done, I just wouldn’t listen to it. And it’s not anything that they’re doing wrong. As a listener, I don’t want to hear about it.

“I like The Stones at this period of time that I like them, and that’s why I like them. Maybe I’m an elitist, but I don’t feel like I am.”

Deal added that on some level she believed Pixies frontman Charles ‘Black’ Francis doesn’t want to make a new album either.

She said: “I was kind of waiting for Charles and (guitarist) Joey Santiago to get together and do demos and they never did.”

However, Deal said that she enjoyed doing the reunited gigs, which kicked off in 2004.

“I enjoy doing the tours. It worked for us because we didn’t have to fit into the black leather pants and do the high kicks,” she explained. “Because we never had black leather pants and we never did high kicks. We were overweight and ugly then and we’re overweight and ugly now so it really wasn’t a stretch. Nobody looked at us and thought ‘Oh, their youthy dew has gone.’ Other than their hair that’s about it.”

Kim Deal’s other band The Breeders are set to release their fourth album ’Mountain Battles’ on April 7.