The band plays to a thrilled audience at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival...

Breeders made their live return to the UK on Saturday to a rapturous welcome from the audience at ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES.

The band led by former Pixie, Kim Deal and her sister Kelley ran through a number of Breeders’ classics including ‘No Aloha’ and indie evergreen ‘Cannonball’ as well as tracks from the forthcoming Steve Albini-produced album ‘Title TK’, the follow up to 1993’s ‘Last Splash’.

Another of the highlights of the weekend was the magnificent Shellac, led by this year’s curator Steve Albini – known for his production work with artists including the Pixies, PJ Harvey and Nirvana. They played first on all three days with Albini swapping his permanent offstage wear – a branded boiler suit and broad-brimmed hat – for a more comfortable T-shirt and jeans.

The majority of the festival consisted of an eclectic choice of bands little known in the UK which drew an audience from as far afield as California and Japan. At the close of Shellac‘s set on Sunday Steve Albini thanked everyone at the festival for being open minded: “A lot of people said that putting on bands like this – which no one had heard of – would be failure. It’s great to prove them wrong. I hope you take this mindset away with you after this weekend.”

The relaxed atmosphere of the weekend saw members of almost all the bands in the bar and discos.

Other must-sees of the weekend were space/krautrockers High Dependency Unit, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Pixies, Blonde Redhead, a decidedly rave-friendly set from classic new-wavers Breeders, DJ sets from Shellac members and, oddest of all, former Pixies drummer David Lovering doing card tricks in the bar.

There are some tickets still available for the next weekend’s event which includes sets from Breeders, Breeders, [/a] and [a]. For more details and tickets [url=]click here

Breeders release a new single, ‘Off You’, on May 6 and play a date at the 200 capacity King’s Cross Water Rats venue on April 24 (Wednesday).