Reunited Deal sisters record track for Mod Squad soundtrack...


THE BREEDERS have reunited to make a new album which is scheduled for release in sometime this year. The first new songs from the band, however, will be a new track for forthcoming movie The Mod Squad.

Kim and Kelly have been back in the studio working on songs for the follow up to 1993’s ‘Last Splash’; although some titles were reported in US magazine Alternative Press in 1997 – they were ‘Swingers’, ‘Forced To Drive’ and ‘Climbing The Sun’ – a spokeswoman for 4AD, the band’s label, told that it was unlikely that any songs had been finalised for the new record as yet. She also said that while 4AD release schedules early in the year gave the album a June release, she said that it was unlikely to be as soon as that.


“You have to take all these dates with a pinch of salt,” she said.

The song on The Mod Squad soundtrack is called ‘Collage’ and is a cover of a song recorded by The Three Degrees and will feature on the soundtrack of the film, based on the cult 1960s US television show which is currently being shown on Channel Four.

The film updates the series to ’90s LA and stars Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi and Omar Epps, who play juvenile delinquents recruited by the police to infiltrate “the underground youth culture”. Dennis Farina and Josh Brolin also star.

Lauryn Hill and Gerald Levert with Li’l Mo also feature on the soundtrack album, released in March.

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