Sisters Kelly and Kim Deal are joined by a new band as they play their first show together in over six years...

THE BREEDERS played a secret show in LOS ANGELES last night (December 12), the first time KIM and KELLEY DEAL had played together in over six years, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Initially meant to be a secret, news of the free show at Mr T’s Bowl in

suburban Highland Park leaked out via the Internet and through word of mouth.


The Breeders played a 40-minute set to a packed house at 8.30pm, opening up for a number of local Los Angeles area groups. The show was broadcast over the Internet on [url=]

The Breeders’ set also was the first public appearance for the new line-up of the group – Kim Deal on vocals & guitar, Kelley Deal on guitar and vocals, Jose Medeles on drums, Mando Lopez on bass and Richard Presley on guitar.

Lopez and Presley were previously in the punk group Fear.

The group played a raucous set of 11 songs, including ‘Flipside’, ‘No Aloha’ and ‘Cannonball’ from The Breeders ‘Last Splash’ album, the 1992 single ‘Safari’, and ‘Tipp City’ and ‘Mom’s Drunk’ by Kim Deal’s post-Breeders combo, The Amps. The Breeders also debuted new songs’ ‘Too Alive’ and ‘Fire in the Maid’ (sung by Kelley Deal).

The full details of the set were as follows:

‘Tipp City’



‘No Aloha’

‘Too Alive’

‘Mom’s Drunk’




‘Full on Idle’


‘Fire in the Maid’

Kelley and Kim Deal (the latter of whom chainsmoked through the entire show),

joked with each other and the audience between songs, giving a light-hearted

edge to the evening, though they seemed visibly stunned by the size of the

crowd who had turned up to see them play.

Following the show Kim Deal explained to NME.COM that she & sister Kelley had

moved to Los Angeles midway through 2000. She also revealed that they were

planning to go into the studio in early 2001 with Steve Albini to begin

recording a third Breeders album.