The Bronx announce new album, ‘Bronx VI’, release first single ‘White Shadow’

'Bronx VI' marks the band's first new studio album in four years

The Bronx have announced the forthcoming release of ‘Bronx VI’, the L.A. punks’ first new studio album in four years.

The band marked the announcement with the release of a new single entitled ‘White Shadow’, which frontman Matt Caughthran described as “as a song about spiralling”.

“Wild eyed guitars, drums, and bass mixed with a high speed chase and a frantic mind unravelling. CLASSIC F*CKING BRONX,” he said.


Slated for release on August 27 via Cooking Vinyl, ‘Bronx VI’ marks the follow-up to the band’s 2017 studio album, ‘Bronx V’.

In a press release, guitarist Joby Ford spoke excitedly of the upcoming release, saying, “From day one we really decided that we wanted to make a record that went in different directions and places.

“I loved listening to what other people wrote, and I think those differences and nuances really come through.”

Caughthran added, “We’re still learning stuff about each other, especially when it comes to the process of creating an album.

“This is a really important record for us growth-wise because it kicked down a lot of doors that needed to be kicked down. I feel like now going forward the sky is the limit.”


‘Bronx VI’ was produced by Joe Baressi (Tool, Melvins, Bad Religion) at his House of Compression studio in Pasadena, California.

The Bronx ‘Bronx VI’ tracklist:

1. ‘White Shadow’
2. ‘Superbloom’
3. ‘Watering The Well’
4. ‘Curb Feelers’
5. ‘Peace Pipe’
6. ‘High Five’
7. ‘Mexican Summer’
8. ‘New Lows’
9. ‘Breaking News’
10. ‘Jack of All Trades’
11. ‘Participation Trophy’