Frontwoman Nina says their new album will be "less cold and electronic"...

NINA PERSSON has said THE CARDIGANS are working on new material which sounds less “cold and electronic” than their previous effort.

Speaking in an interview with this evening’s London Evening Standard newspaper (July 19), the star, whose band A Camp are in the country prior to their appearance at the V2001 festivals next month, said that The Cardigans are still working on new material which will feature on the follow-up to their ‘Gran Turismo’ album.

She said: “Last year was the first time (The Cardigans) stopped. We went to Los Angeles this spring just to hang out and to give the doubts some attention. It was like, are we doing this because we have options at our record label or do we really, really want to carry on? We totally became a band again. We’re writing songs. The next The Cardigans record won’t be as hard and cold and electronic as ‘Gran Turismo’.”