The album Peter Svensson wrote for Neneh Cherry's sister Titiyo Jah is a huge success...

The album written by CARDIGANS guitarist PETER SVENSSON for NENEH CHERRY‘s sister TITIYO JAH is topping the Swedish charts for a second week.

Svensson collaborated with Jocke Berg from fellow Swedish rockers Kent, to write 11 songs for the album, titled ‘Come Along’.

The pair had previously worked together on a project named Paus, which was only released in Sweden, and Jah, a fan of their work, approached them to ask if she could cover their songs in English, butSvensson and Berg offered to write brand new material for her.

Jah has released three soul/R&B albums in Sweden, but the new album, which was recorded with Cardigans producer Tore Johansson at Tambourine Studios in Malmo where the band have previously recorded, has a rockier direction and a strong Cardigans influence.

The album’s title track has topped Swedish airplay ratings, clocking up the equivalent of almost three days’ non-stop play in one week.

‘Come Along’ is slated for a UK release later this year.