THE CARDIGANS have had their video for new single 'My Favourite Game' banned by MTV UK...

THE CARDIGANS (pictured)have had the video for their new single ‘My Favourite Game’ rejected by MTV UK because the station claims it could encourage teenagers to joyride and cause car accidents.

The promo, directed by ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ video maker Jonas Ekerlund, at a rumoured cost of #220,000, shows lead singer Nina Persson weighing down her car’s accelerator pedal before driving recklessly down a desert highway, causing vehicles to crash off the road. The climax comes as she crashes head on with a van containing the other members of her band. Her body is flung through the air over the van, before the camera shows her dead on the Tarmac with blood trickling from her nose. Despite being shown alternative endings, some where Nina is seen to walk away unscathed from the crash, MTV UK censors objected to the fundamental nature of the video’s content.

They said they were unwilling to show scenes where people jump out of the car’s path to avoid being killed and, under ITC guidelines, were not allowed to show someone driving without their feet on the pedals or hands on the wheel. They also objected to a scene where Nina throws a Felix The Cat stuffed toy out of the car, which is then run over by another vehicle.


Guitarist and songwriter Peter Svensson told NME: “It’s just so, so silly. It’s a damn good video; we’re really proud of it. It cost a lot of money – the most ever by a Scandinavian band, I think. The violence in our video is pretty harmless, it’s quite funny, and there’s far worse on the television in the daytime. There’s been no problems in Germany, the US or Scandinavia, why here? Maybe with you guys writing an article they might show it.” An MTV UK spokeswoman told NME: “There are scenes in the video that are questionable and we’re still investigating them at the moment. It’s with our legal department right now.” She added that she did not know if the video would ever be shown on the station. The single is released this week.

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