Cardigans singer and Shudder To Think guitarist work on soundtrack for US independent film...

Cardigans singer Nina Persson and boyfriend Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think have recorded a song together for the new film by indie director Morgan J Freeman.

MTV Europe reports that they have written a song called ‘What The Hell Are You Cryin’ For?’, which will appear on the soundtrack of ‘Desert Blue’, directed by Morgan J Freeman (of ‘Hurricane Streets’ fame; no relation to the star of ‘Seven’ and ‘Deep Impact’) – which also stars Christina Ricci (‘The Ice Storm’, ‘The Opposite Of Sex’) and Brendan Sexton (last seen in ‘Welcome To The Dolls House’ and ‘Hurricane Streets’).

‘Desert Blue’ is set in small town, with 89 people living in it on a good day which is quarantined when a truck carrying a “secret ingredient” for a cola drink crashes on the highway and its driver dies of unknown causes.

No UK release date has been set.