Charlatans singer gets some help from another band in LA…

TIM BURGESS celebrated the US release of his solo album in LOS ANGELES last night by performing a gig with members of STARSAILOR as his band.

Burgess’ set at the Viper Room club drew an all-star crowd that included Robbie Williams as well as [/a] guitarist Troy Van Leeuwan and [a] frontman Gary Lightbody.

Performing for almost an hour, Burgess used members of Starsailor, who are in LA recording their third album, as his backing band.

The tiny club was jam packed with fans from the UK and the US, in town for this weekend’s Coachella music festival.

“I think of this as a pre-Coachella gig, with me at the top of the bill,” the singer joked during his set.

In addition to performing tracks ‘Oh My Corazon’ and ‘I Believe in the Sprit’ ff his new record, Burgess performed three Charlatans tunes including ‘North Country Boy’, which he dedicated to his bandmates in Britain.