Work has already underway on the band's tenth album...

THE CHARLATANS have revealed they have begun work on their tenth album, which they are recording in CHESHIRE’s BIG MUSHROOM studios.

Following the end of Tim Burgess’ solo UK tour at the end of November, the band met their production team at Manchester’s Rossetti Hotel about the new record.

According to a message posted on the band’s official website, the band said: “Later we headed over to Big Mushroom to hear yet another new track that has come fresh from Tony (Rogers – organ)’s studio at his home… class.”

The Charlatans also revealed several tracks have already been completed. They said: “The band has never had so many songs available ahead of the start of the album. With ‘Try Again Today’, ‘Blue For You’, and ‘Feel The Pressure’ already recorded, we expect to have eight songs finished by Christmas, with the balance to be completed in January. Working titles for the next five songs are ‘Dead Love’, ‘Apples And Oranges’, ‘Up At The Lake’, ‘Loving You Is Easy’. and ‘High Up Your Tree’.”

“We will keep you in the loop as matters progress,” they added. “Everything in the Big Mushroom is absolutely fine and dandy”

A source close to the band said that an exact release date has not been confirmed, but the album will come out during 2004.