But there will be another Charlatans album...

TIM BURGESS has admitted to NME.COM that he decided to make a solo album because he felt “isolated” from his band-mates in THE CHARLATANS.

Speculation had been growing as to whether the band is on the brink of splitting after details emerged about Burgess’ solo album, which he hopes to complete by Christmas.

But Tim told NME.COM that the rest of the band have begun writing songs, and he is to go into the studio in Los Angeles, his hometown since he moved there four years ago, with Charlatans guitarist Mark Collins.


He said: “Mark’s coming to Los Angeles in January and we’ll be doing some stuff there for a month, then I’ll be in England for February. I spoke to The Charlatans‘ manager today and he wants the next album out by the summer, but I don’t know about that. Quality control and everything.”

In a recent posting on the Charlatans website, Burgessindicated he had been feeling isolated at home in Los Angeles. He wrote: “I’m here ‘alone’ in LA and I get really restless – I love music & I want to always be making music…”

He told NME.COM: “Yeah, I’ve been doing it basically to keep my mind occupied. I like music pretty much more than anything. About 18 months ago I started to learn how to play guitar and from then it became really personal. But I want to put it out rather than keep it to myself.”

Although he does not yet have a deal, he has been recording for the last six weeks at obscure singer/songwriter Linus Of Hollywood’s studio. Friends and other musicians have helped for free, on the promise that they will get paid when Tim gets a deal for the album. He is aiming to complete a ten-track album by Christmas.

He told NME.COM: “Some of them are just acoustic, some of them have strings, there’s a saxophone on one – but I’m not supposed to say that because it doesn’t sound cool!”

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