The band scotch those split rumours...

THE CHARLATANS have scotched rumours of a split by revealing they’ve completed four songs for their next album.

Frontman Tim Burgess, who is also working on his debut solo album, told the band’s official website [url=] confirms that the band are in Los Angeles, where Burgess lives, working on the follow up to 2001’s ‘Wonderland’. The LP is not expected until 2004.

Burgess said: “Mark (Collins – guitar) just left here – we were working for the past 3 weeks… along with a bit of fun here and there.

“Got four done, along with working on the others that the band laid down. They sound great – in fact got a call from Mr. Blunt (Martin – bassist) today saying he really likes them.”

Burgess also explained that he wouldn’t be posting any of the demos on the website, but did give fans lyrics from two works in progress songs. These went:

See how clear it is… Looking at the place that I came from, trying to do the best I can, oh yeah…” and, “Who is the girl in the tight black dress, who can press all your buttons, pretending she’s a princess…”