It took 15 hours to shoot, with them all in harnesses...

THE CHARLATANS‘ TIM BURGESS is seen here apparently defying gravity in the band’s video for new single, ‘A MAN NEEDS TO BE TOLD’.

This exclusive NME.COM picture from the set shows the singer ‘floating’ while performing the single.

The video was directed by Kevin Godley, who got the band to agree to being suspended upside down by harnesses for the gruelling 15-hour shoot. Safety restrictions meant none of them were allowed to be upside down for more than six minutes.

A spokesman told NME.COM: “It was very hard work. Tim does not like heights and he hated it. He had a bit of a panic attack at one point, but he did conquer his fear of heights which he’s had since he got stuck up a tree at the age of five.”

‘A Man Needs To Be Told’ is released on November 12 and the video will be included on the CD single.