'Wonderland' sees the band go in a more electronic, funkier direction...

THE CHARLATANS have spoken exclusively to NME.COM about their new album ‘WONDERLAND’ and a new direction, which has seen them abandon their “church organ sound”.

The album, recorded in LA and their own studio near Manchester, is due out in September, to be preceded by two singles. Frontman Tim Burgess and drummer Jon Brookes played NME.COM three new songs, the singles ‘Love Is The Key’ and ‘Judas’ and album track ‘If I Fall’. All three songs mark a more electronic, funkier direction, with Danny Saber producing.

Burgess explained to NME.COM: “We’ve got rid of the church organ sound and that’s a great religious, spiritual moment for us. The sound is incredible as well. If you listen to the singing a couple of times, you can really tell it’s me.”


Burgess also admitted that his permanent move to LA had been a potential threat to the band’s future.

“There were a lot of discussions about me being there and the rest of the group being based in Manchester,” said Burgess. “We had to question each other and ask would we still be able to do it. What we discovered is that if you really want it to happen, you have to believe in it.”

For the full story on the band’s forthcoming album, see this week’s NME, out in London today (April 10), and nationwide tomorrow.

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