Vocalist Tim Burgess tells us about the band's new material and working with Danny Saber...

THE CHARLATANS are recording their new album with Black Grape producer DANNY SABER at his house on Wonderland Avenue, LOS ANGELES, can reveal.

Over the last two weeks, the band have recorded five out of a total of 16 new tracks for the follow-up to last year’s ‘Us And Us Only’, which is due out in spring next year through MCA.

New titles for the record include ‘Love Is The Key’, ‘A Man Needs To Be Told’, ‘Judas’, ‘Witchcraft’, ‘Look At Me’, ‘We’re So Pretty’ and ‘Wonderland’.


Speaking to last week from LA, Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess explained how they came to hook up with Danny Saber. He said: “Pretty much every time we played in LA he’s always there, and we used to meet him.

“He’s been loving our group for fucking ages and it’s one of those things that happened and we’re hoping we’ll be able to record an LP with him. It’s going really, really well, I love it.

“The new stuff’s funky, rather than The Charlatans trying to prove that we’re really good songwriters. We’re good songwriters, good players, and now there’s a really good vibe as well.”

For the full interview with Burgess and Charlatans guitarist Mark Collins, see this week’s NME, out today in London (October 9), and nationwide tomorrow (October 10).

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