Charlatans’ Tim Burgess teams up with Kellogg’s to launch his own cereal ‘Totes Amazeballs’

Singer tells NME that the cereal is the 'Jazz Odyssey of breakfasts'

The Charlatans‘ frontman Tim Burgess has revealed that he has teamed up with Kellogg’s to launch his own breakfast cereal, which is called ‘Totes Amazeballs’.

Production of the cereal, which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, came about after Burgess tweeted a joke that he wanted to launch his own cereal.

Bizarrely, Kellogg’s then got in touch with the singer and asked him if he wanted to produce the cereal.


Speaking to NME about how the production of ‘Totes Amazeballs’ came about, Burgess said: “They [Kellogg’s] picked up what I’d said. It was just something that was funny and it just kept moving.”

Asked how he came up with the name ‘Totes Amazeballs’, Burgess replied: “People have started to use that expression and it kind of gets up people’s noses, but it sounded to me like something Willy Wonka would come up with.”

He also described the cereal as tasting like ‘Rocky Road’ and promised that it would help people beat their hangovers during festival season.

Asked what it tasted like, he said: “It’s like Rocky Road – we were thinking of something you’d eat at a festival that’d get you back on your feet. Something when you wake up a bit hungover will get you out of your tent – it’d make sure you’re raring to go! It’s heavy duty and festival friendly. It’s the Jazz Odyssey of breakfasts.”

The singer added that you’ll be able to buy the cereal when he stages his ‘Tim Peaks’ café at this year’s Kendal Calling festival and that all the money he makes will go to David Lynch’s foundation, in honour of the Twin Peaks connection. The idea of a Tim Peaks cafe also started off as a joke suggestion on Twitter.

Replying to a question about where people could buy ‘Totes Amazeballs’, he said: “The people who put on Kendal Calling asked us to do Tim Peaks for real at their festival. It was a metaphorical diner until now but is going to be real. We’re going to serve Totes Amazeballs there – we didn’t want it to seem commercial and I’ve done work for The David Lynch Foundation. Seeing as we borrowed the Tim Peaks name heavily from him, we decided we’d give them all the money.”


Burgess also spoke about his new solo album, which he is currently mastering in the studio and added that he will be putting out something special as part of this year’s Record Store Day.

Asked what he was currently up to in the studio, he said: “Just going through my solo album – I recorded it in Nashville and it should be out pretty soon. Also we’re working on something pretty special for Record Store Day”.


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