Frontman Tim Burgess says he wants to see the band celebrate their 20th anniversary...

THE CHARLATANS’ frontman TIM BURGESS has revealed that the band will continue to record music for at least another five years.

Speaking to NME.COM, Burgess explained that the band, who release new album ‘Up At The Lake’ later this month, will play until their 20th anniversary.

“I don’t know how long we can last but I would like to reach at least 20 years,” he explained. “We’re coming up to 15 years but finishing then would be for wusses really.”

Burgess also uncovered his plans to record with Libertines star Carl Barat.

“I’d met Carl before and I was doing some promotion in Paris. He was on holiday with his girlfriend and we just hung out,” he said.

“We had an album finishing party and he came over and one thing led to another and I sang ‘Death On The Stairs’. Carl was on guitar and Mark Collins (Charlatansguitarist) played the piano. It was quite funny.

“It’s Carl’s song but I’d like to record it as a B-side together. We’d have to do it again if we did release it though because we were so drunk.”

Burgess also hinted that he may release more solo material in the future following 2003’s ‘I Believe’.

“I haven’t planned another solo album yet but I’d like to do another one,” he explained. “I really loved doing the last one. It didn’t blow everyone away and some people flatly hated it but I thought it was great.”

The Charlatans will play the V, Fleadh and Isle Of Wight festivals this summer.

“The Fleadh festival should be good. I’ve never met Bob Dylan before. I’d like to meet him but I know he’s a bit touchy about things like that.

“He’s my hero really. I’ll probably see him and run up to him as fast as I can and rugby tackle him.”

’Up At The Lake’ is released on May 17.

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