Gary Neville on playing gig with The Charlatans: ‘They were fans of United, we were fans of them’

Ex-Manchester United football joined band for a rendition of 'Just When You’re Thinking Things Over' recently

Former Manchester United footballer Gary Neville has discussed his recent live appearance playing guitar with The Charlatans.

The ex-England player, now working as a pundit on Sky Sports, joined the band on stage as they played a gig at his new hotel earlier this month (July 3). Neville opened his Hotel Football near to United’s Old Trafford ground.

It was during a launch party for the hotel that Neville picked up his acoustic guitar and joined The Charlatans to perform their song ‘Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over’.


One hundred and fifty fans, including competition winners, watched the band play on the turf-clad rooftop of the hotel with Neville now discussing the live team-up with Q.

The former footballer explained how the incident happened: “About a month ago, Mark [Collins, Charlatans guitarist] came to my hotel room in London when I was doing a game down there. He showed me the ropes [on guitar] for about two hours and then he went away.”

“I filmed him on my phone so I could study his fingers, and taught myself how to play the song from that. I used to play about ten years ago, I had a guitar but then I got married and had kids so it all stopped.”

Watch footage of Neville performing with The Charlatans below.

Neville added that although he enjoyed the experience, he wouldn’t do it again: “I’ve never felt that nervous, not in years. I was massively out of my comfort zone. I mean, it’s not a good feeling, but it is a good feeling at the same time. It was great, but I wouldn’t put myself through that again.”


Neville also revealed that he’s long been a fan of the band due to their Manchester links. “[Me and the Class Of 92] came into the team around the same time all the Manchester bands started to evolve, we had The Charlatans obviously, the Roses, Happy Mondays, then Oasis. So suddenly music and sport seemed to come together in the same city at the same time.”

He also stated that Fergie wouldn’t let players play music in dressing room but that they’d attend a lot of the concerts as a team.

“A lot of the bands, like The Charlatans, were fans of United, and we were fans of them. Though some of the bands were City fans, but we all went to them together. We were all big music fans.”

The Charlatans’ 12th album ‘Modern Nature’ came out in January. They recently released the video for track ‘Let The Good Times Be Never Ending’, filmed and directed by Libby Burke Wilde while the band were on tour in Japan.

The band also opened The Other Stage at Glastonbury last weekend, performing at 11am on the Friday morning as unannounced secret guests.