The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess: ‘I’ve written a Christmas Number One with Ladyhawke’

Singer reveals all about collaborations with members of The Horrors and Klaxons

The Charlatans‘ frontman Tim Burgess has told NME he has written a potential Christmas Number One with Ladyhawke.

The singer, who has been busy constructing a collaboration album with members of Klaxons and The Horrors over the last three years, believes his duet with the New Zealand singer – entitled ‘Just One Kiss’ – would be ideal for the festive season.

“It sounds like a Christmas Number One, it has to come out soon,” he declared. “We’ve been having a really good time on that one. It’s great, it’s really good, it has a sort of [Phil] Spector-ish, Ronettes kind of feel to it.”

Burgess said the album was born out of jamming sessions during the festive period at his studio in Crewe, with KlaxonsSteffan Halperin and The HorrorsJosh Hayward.

“Basically, Stef had just come off the back of a Japanese tour with Klaxons a couple of years ago and me and Josh were really bored in between Christmas and New Year so we just came up to the studio and started jamming on something,” he said. “We got three songs out of it in the end. They’re great. One of them – ‘Clutching Insignifance’ – sounds like Siouxsie & The Banshees, it’s a real rocker. The other stuff sounds like all three bands crushed together and some of it is quite soulful.”

The as-yet-untitled album, which is expected to land next year, will be more of a joint effort than Burgess‘ 2003 solo debut ‘I Believe’.

“I think it’s more of a collaboration than a solo album,” he explained. “I feel like I’ve shared it with too many people now.”

Although the record features a revolving roster of guests, Burgess said there is still one other collaboration he wants to get in the bag before the year’s out.

“I got in touch with [My Bloody Valentine‘s] Kevin Shields, but he might take a while to get back to me,” he added. “He said he’d do it and I’m hoping it’ll happen before it comes out. I love Kevin, it’d be great to have him on it.”