The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess gets Factory Records New Order tattoo

Singer gets 'FAC.33' in homage to their single 'Ceremony'

The CharlatansTim Burgess has had a tattoo representing New Order‘s first single ‘Ceremony’.

Depicting the unique Factory Records catalogue number ‘FAC.33’ (which was given to ‘Ceremony’), the frontman said he was initially unsure which single to pay homage to.

“I just couldn’t make my mind up: ‘FAC.53’ [New Order‘s single ‘Everything’s Gone Green’], ‘FAC.57’ [Minny Pops‘ single ‘Secret Story’] or ‘FAC.33’ [New Order‘s single ‘Ceremony’],” the singer told NME.COM.

“I’ve been thinking about getting a FAC number since spring. It is the identical logo and size of the cream and blue 12-inch” he added.

Originally written by Ian Curtis and the rest of Joy Division, ‘Ceremony’ was one of the last songs composed by the band before Curtis‘ death in 1980.

Released in 1981 when the band re-incarnated as New Order, the single – like every Factory release – was given a unique reference number.

Tattooed near his right collarbone (see picture), Burgess also commented on the placement of his tribute: “I got it just below my right collar bone. I broke my collarbone a few years ago – it is quite beautiful and contorted,” he explained.