Bonus material on US release of new Charlatans LP

Extra tracks, live songs and videos on physical release

The Charlatans have announced the US release of their brand new LP ‘You Cross My Path’ will feature a bonus disc of material.

Released for free earlier this year, the album was downloaded over 90,000, and now a June 10 release date has been set for the US through Cooking Vinyl Records.

Recorded in the UK, Ireland and Tim Burgess’s adopted-hometown Los Angeles, the special double disc edition includes bonus live tracks and videos and is preceded by lead single ‘Oh! Vanity’


The track listing is:

Disc 1:

‘Oh! Vanity’

‘Bad Days’


‘The Misbegotten’


‘A Day For Letting Go’

‘You Cross My Path’

‘The Missing Beats’

‘My Name Is Despair’


‘This Is The End’

Disc 2:

‘A Margin Of Sanity’

‘Acid In The Tea’

‘You Cross My Path’ (live)

‘Bad Days’ (live)

‘Mis-Takes’ (live)

‘Oh! Vanity’ (live)

‘This Is The End’ (live)

‘You Cross My Path’ (video)

‘Oh! Vanity’ (video)

–By our New York staff.

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