Tim Burgess explains Charlatans’ free album giveaway

'We decided to go straight to the punch' says singer

The Charlatans have announced that they will release their new album as a free download via Xfm.

So, NME.COM caught up with frontman Tim Burgess to discuss the logic behind the bold move.

“We wanted people to own our music, and we wanted the artists – us – to own the copyright,” said Burgess.


Burgess explained that the band left their former record label in order to create a new business model for themselves.

“We didn’t find the deal with Sanctuary satisfactory, so we walked away and decided to put it out ourselves,” he said. “This way we can put it out as soon as we finish it and we won’t have to wait around for anybody.

“It’s an industry first – we’re the first people to do this. We thought that since CD sales are on the decline, we’d make money by touring instead and go straight to the punch and let people download the album for free.”

The Charlatans will be giving away the first single from the album, ‘You Cross My Path’, as a download from Xfm.co.uk on October 22, as well as their website Thecharlatans.net.

Burgess said that they plan to do the same with the second single in December, as well as the entire album, which will most likely be ready in March.

–By our Los Angeles staff.


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