But it's all strictly legal, brother...

BONO turned up to check out the CHEMICAL BROTHERS’ set at NEW YORK’s CENTRO-FLY club at the weekend.

The U2 frontman was spotted in the audience for the three-hour-plus DJ set from Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmonds, who will be supporting U2 at their show in the Big Apple tomorrow night (December 5).

The rare US appearance from the duo on Saturday night (December 2) was to promote the US release of their new single, ‘Music: Response’. Their set included their own tracks, ‘Elektrobank’ and ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’, while an unexpected highlight was The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.


One eyewitness reported a minor altercation, when one of a group of lads took at swan dive on to a table covered with bottles and glasses and was hurt, but no one else was reportedly involved.

Tickets for the 1,000-capacity show at Irving Plaza were only available through competitions.

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