The Chemical Brothers launch Google Earth video project

Fans to create unique video for 'Midnight Madness' single

The Chemical Brothers fans are to create the video for the dance duo’s new single ‘Midnight Madness’ using Google Earth.

Entrants should make a short film or photograph that revolves around the theme of ‘Midnight Madness’, upload their work onto Google Earth via The Chemical Brotherswebsite, and then tag the video to where it was created.

The film needs to be between two and 20 seconds long, “celebrate the insanity that goes on at the stroke of midnight” and relate to the place tagged on Google Earth.

The best videos will be edited by producers Nexus to form a new concept music video for ‘Midnight Madness’ and premiered on The Chemical Brothers‘ website and YouTube on the same week the duo’s ‘Best Of’ album ‘Brotherhood’ is released (September 1).

‘Midnight Madness’ is released as a digital download on August 18.