The duo also admit they are anxious to turn their hands to production...

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS have said they want to release a brand new single in the summer, and would like to turn their hand to production.

Speaking in the US, group member Ed Simons said that the duo have been working on new material live and want to get into a studio and record it – and possibly release it in time for the Ibiza season.

Speaking to MTV, Tom Rowlands added: “Playing live is good because it shows you what people react to, what works. Our music is very energetic. It’s made to be listened to by a lot of people. Sometimes it just reminds you of the certain power.”

The Chemical Brothers said that they’re also looking for an album to produce, although the right project hasn’t come up.

Simons continued: “We would have to find an artist who we’re really excited about so there would be a point to it. I’m very intrigued to hear this Fatboy Slim