'The Golden Path' will feature on the dance duo's forthcoming best of compilation...

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS have collaborated with [a][/a] on a new track called ‘THE GOLDEN PATH,’ due for release on their forthcoming greatest hits album.

The track, described by Chemical Brother Tom Rowlands as “psychedelic, up-tempo and emotional widescreen” will appear on ‘The Singles:1993-03’ in September.

“Wayne Coyne is really infectious,” partner Ed Simons told Rolling Stone. “He makes you feel really excited about the music. What he’s done for us, the words, the song he’s grafted on to our music, it’s the next level of Chemical Brothers music – it’s just really good.”

‘The Golden Path’ will appear alongside another new track, as yet untitled, featuring Canadian rapper K-Os.

“The two pieces of music we’ve made are easily amongst the two best pieces of music we’ve ever made,” says Rowlands. “They’re so different, but they seem to, in different ways, bring together lots of the ideas that we’ve had over the last ten years.”

Rowlands also spoke about the recording of their new album due out in summer 2004, saying, “We’re having a real creative burst at the moment and we’re really making lots of music.”