Unhappy with circumstances, the Chems rise to the challenge...


rounded off the headlining entertainment at BENICASSIM this morning (August 5) with a rousing set featuring crowd-pleasing classics including ‘BLOCK ROCKING BEATS’ and ‘HEY BOY HEY GIRL’.

Speaking to NME.COM earlier in the day, Tom Rowlands said: “I’m looking forward to headlining V2002, but it’s a shame it’s under these circumstances (The Chemical Brothers are replacing Travis on the bill, following Neil Primrose’s recent injury). “But we’re gonna be different from Travis.”

Ed Simons gave NME.COM his assessment of the electroclash scene. He said: “A lot of the stuff released as “electroclash” which just sounds very poor. So I’m a bit suspicious. But [/a] has been DJing great stuff for ages, long before this term was invented. So I’m looking forward to him ([a] played on the Motorola stage at Benicassim at 4am the same evening).”


played a set chosen by Spanish fans over the Internet, a set based heavily on third album ‘Coming Up’, although they did play ‘So Young’, the first track from their self-titled debut album.

[/a] played a superb set featuring highlights from this year’s Panasonic Mercury Music award-nominated album ‘The Last Broadcast’.

[a] were finally given the benefit of their natural habitat, the night, to play a great set of key album tracks, singles, B-sides, and a new song called ‘Stop’. Talking to NME.COM before the show, singer/guitarist Peter Hayes said: “After the shows in August we’ve got two weeks off and we’re going home to rest. It’s time to go home and think about the damage we’ve done.”

For their second LP he said: “After the rest, we’re going back into the studio to start recording right away. We’ve got 18 songs, and we’re going to see how we go in the studio before we decide which ones we pick.”

Of the new song, he said: “It’s a kind of wall of noise, it’s like My Bloody Valentine but not as floaty.”

35,000 people per day attended the festival, of which 7,000 were from outside Spain. In addition to music, this year’s event included an exhibition, theatre and fashion show.