And the duo say the two new tracks on their 'Best Of' compilation indicate the route they're going to take...

They’re just about to release a career retrospective – but THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS have already started work on a new album.

And the duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons reckon the two new tracks on ‘Singles 93-03’, out next week (September 22), indicate the route they’re going to take in the future.

One of the new tracks, ‘The Golden Path’, features [a][/a] frontman Wayne Coyne while the other, ‘Get Yourself High’, features K-OS.

Rowlands told XFM. “We’re already making our new album. The two new tracks come from session we were doing in the studio during the first four or five months of the year. We’re just in the thick of it. It’s sounding wicked.

“It’ll hopefully be finished next year, we’re just at the point of trying to work out whether what we’ve done so far is any good, but hopefully some of it will be.”

Simons added: “I think it does sound different. There’s maybe a subtly in the production that wasn’t there before, but still there’s a lot going on. More power and precision maybe in the way the music is out together.”

He added: “But then again, maybe it’ll end up really cluttered with loads of stuff going in. we’re not dictated by what we’ve just done, but those records sound great, and so it’ll inform what we do from now on.”