All contribute to forthcoming "psychedelic sounding" album...

Noel Gallagher, Mercury Rev and New Order‘s Bernard Sumner have recorded songs for The Chemical Brothers‘ as-yet-untitled new album, due out in May this year.

Sumner said: “The Chemicals thing came after one of them called me and asked if I’d be interested. Of course I was, I love what they do.”

The ChemicalsTom Rowlands said it was good to have another collaboration with Noel on the album, following the success of the Number One single, ‘Setting Son’.


As previously reported, the Brothers have also teamed up once more with Jonathan Donahue from Mercury Rev. According to Rowlands, that track sounds like a “psych-y lullaby”.

Asked about the overall sound of the new album, Rowlands said: “It’s a fairly psychedelic-sounding album so far, some of it’s quite firing, but some of it’s quite un-firing… We’re finding it quite difficult – the tricky third album.”

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