THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and Primal Scream contribute new tracks to The Acid House movie...

Primal Scream, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS (pictured), BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, ARAB STRAP and THE VERVE are among artists featured on the soundtrack of The Acid House, a film based on three short stories by Irvine Welsh.

The film, from Glasgow director Paul McGuigan, adapts three of Welsh’s stories: The Grantham Star Cause – which has already been shown on UK TV’s Channel 4 – A Soft Touch and The Acid House. It will be released to cinema early in 1999.

The soundtrack features four previously unreleased songs from Primal Scream (‘Insect Royalty’), Beth Orton (‘Precious Maybe’), Arab Strap (‘I Still Miss You’) and Belle & Sebastian (‘Floral Graffiti’). The Verve track could not be confirmed at this time but it is not a new song.

The Acid House soundtrack album, like the successful Trainspotting collection, will be released by EMI in November.