Hand-drawn Joe Strummer Christmas card and tribute album released

Clash legend celebrated seven years after his death

A hand-drawn Christmas card by Joe Strummer is to go on sale tomorrow (December 22), seven years to the day since the Clash frontman passed away.

The illustration, which you can see on the right of the screen, was the last card Strummer designed before his death, and was designed to be given to friends and family personally.

As well as the card, which is on sale at Strummerville.com (the charity set up after Strummer‘s death), a tribute album is also being released tomorrow showcasing new UK acts.

Strummerville‘s ‘Winter Sessions Showcase Album 2009’ features the likes of Smokey Angle Shades and Beans On Toast.

See Strummerville.com for more information.

The tracklisting for Strummerville‘s ‘Winter Sessions Showcase Album 2009’ is:

Ginga – ‘Fashion’
The Riff Raff – ‘Changes Everything’
Nimmo & The Gauntletts – ‘Star Crossed’
Panama Kings – ‘Mobilise The Kids’
Internet Forever – ‘Pages Of Books’
Skylarkers – ‘Crumble Town’
Smokey Angle Shades – ‘Comedienne’
The Musical Differences – ‘Rocking The Subway’
My Second Head – ‘Born Bad Too’
Thomas J Speight – ‘This House’
Beans On Toast – ‘Christmas At Tescos’