Rare Clash memorabilia discovered

Joe Strummer's unseen lyrics to be published

A host of unseen lyrics, cartoons, and other memorabilia belonging Joe Strummer are set to be compiled in a new book.

The Clash singer died in December 2002, but speaking in a newspaper interview today his wife Lucinda Mellor reveals that when going through his personal belongings she found a number of bags which contained the artefacts.

She told the Independent newspaper: “Each bag had a sharpener in it, each bag had cigarette papers, a matchbox, endless bits of napkins, kitchen roll, receipts. Each bag told a story which was amazing. I had done quite a bit of sorting before I really realised…”

The current plan is for the material to be put together in a book which will be produced in conjunction with artist Damien Hirst.

She continued: “It’s not something that’s going to be rushed into; it’s going to be beautifully done. It’ll be like an art book, with photographs, lyrics, drawings, maybe unreleased songs, rarities. It’ll have CDs in it, rare Joe stuff – we’ll see what we’ve got.”