The Concretes singer quits

Founding member leaves the band

The Concretes’ lead singer Victoria Bergsman has quit the band.

The singer has split from the Swedish pop outfit to pursue a solo career.

Despite her decision, the band, who recently performed without Bergsman at the Summercase Festival in Spain, have vowed to carry on performing and are currently writing songs for a new album.

A statement on the Swedish outfit’s official website reads: “The Concretes have announced that lead singer Victoria Bergsman is departing the band to pursue a solo career. The Concretes‘ performance of recent single ‘On The Radio’ on the last series of the Jonathan Ross TV Show is the last time the band will have played together prior to Bergsman‘s departure.

“Anyway… Life goes on. We are working on new stuff and so is Victoria. We wish her the best of luck.”

Bergsman was the founding member of The Concretes who first formed with drummer Lisa Milberg and guitarist Maria Eriksson in Stockholm in 1995.

The band have released two albums including their 2004 self-titled debut and recent follow up ‘In Colour’.