Didz Hammond issues farewell statement

The new bassist in Carl Barat’s band explains his departure from The Cooper Temple Clause…

Didz Hammond has issued a statement revealing his reasons behind leaving The Cooper Temple Clause.

As reported yesterday on NME.COM (September 15), Hammond will now join former Libertines Carl Barat in his new group, also featuring Gary Powell and Anthony Rossomando.

In a posting on The Cooper Temple Clause’s official website www.thecoopertempleclause.co.uk, Didz said: “This wasn’t supposed to be how you all found out, and this would all have been a complete shit-storm were it not for the unparalleled brotherhood that me and the boys continue to share.


“Thanks to Jon, Tom, Ben, Fish and the boy Mayhem. I believe Fish hit the nail on the head in his message on The Cooper’s site – “A brother has left the family home, but has not left the family.” It takes a special bunch of kids to be able to believe and say that in these circumstances. and that’s what The Cooper Temple Clause are – a very very special bunch of kids. They’ve taught me everything I know.”

He added: “But I do feel it is time to move on. Situations are not as they were five years ago. and neither should they be. Life is about movement and change. I’ve been to hell and back making this decision, but my mind is set and so I go. But if I thought that my leaving would kill The Coopers then I would never have considered leaving at all.”

Explaining that his departure would not be the end of the band, Didz said: “I am currently sat downstairs in the studio with Tom and Jon, whilst upstairs Ben, Fisher and Kieran tweak the next record. and it sounds stunning. It really does. so much work has been done to get to this point and they’re not gonna cry it down the toilet just cos the kid with the big gob is doing something else.”

Signing off the post, the bassist continued: “So with warm friendships firmly intact, and Cooperism alive and well in all our hearts, we part ways. Thank you to everyone. In the words of George Harrison (though in extremely different circumstances) ‘See you round the clubs’.”

As previously Barat‘s new band have not yet announced their name, but keep checking NME.COM for the latest updates.