The band intend to unveil their heavier, more electronic new material at the forthcoming NME Awards Show...

Cooper Temple Clause

have demoed an album’s worth of new songs, and producer RICK RUBIN is interested in working with the band.

Just before Christmas, the band invited NME.COM down to their self-built studio on a farm outside Reading, where we heard a selection of tracks due to feature on the follow-up to 2002’s ‘See This Through And Leave’. Due in May, ‘The Album’, as it is currently known, is being edited down from hours of band jams – the best selections taken and worked on. The end result of the editing is a sound more reminiscent of DJ Shadow or UNKLE, rather than the guitar heavy material on their debut.

“The whole idea was to make a big step away from what we did on the last album, and it is. We’ve got 15 or 16 tracks done, we’re starting on the masters now,” guitarist Dan Fischer said.

“We’re definitely enjoying it,” singer Ben Gautrey remarked. “It’s good to do something on our own terms. Any time on the first album where we might have had a hint of like, ‘Can we get away with this?’, on this album we’ve just gone and done it. The electronica side has been more scored, the guitars are heavier. I think this album is a bit more melodic.”

Fischer continued: “Rick Rubin was interested, but at the minute we’re not sure how far that will go. Someone from his camp came over and we met them. That’s not the kind of thing you rule out quickly!”

If the relationship with Rubin does work out, then a href=””>The Cooper Temple Clause

plan to decamp to the US to mix the album. As a producer, Rubin is a living legend, having worked withSystem Of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers