The most unlucky NME cover stars ever come unstuck with a golf buggy in Leeds…

Cooper Temple Clause

sample wiz TOM BELLAMY and guitarist DAN FISHER have been involved in a bizarre late-night golf buggy smash involving Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s PETER HAYES and two “random girls” who hijacked them at the LEEDS FESTIVAL.

Doctors have ordered Tom to rest his arm after the incident, which culminated in him crashing against a concrete ramp behind the Bramham Park Main Stage.


“I was a bit on the drunken side,” Tom admitted to NME. “I was going back to the bus and bumped in to Peter [Hayes] from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He was driving around on this little buggy and I hopped on. We ended up in the campsites getting hotdogs and burgers and stopping off to talk to people. The next thing we knew there were 20 security guards all around us going ‘What are you doing? Who are you? You can’t do this, this isn’t allowed here!'”

As they headed back Peter saw his bus was leaving. Wanting to prolong the party Tom picked up two “loony” girls and went on a hunt for the rest of the Cooper Temple Clause.

“I drove back to the bus and we managed to get eight people on it,” he laughed. “There was a minor accident and then a major accident. The first one I manoeuvred in to a ditch. That got me a bit worried and I thought I better slow down in case I killed someone. The girl beside me pulled the keys out and decided to hop in to the drivers seat, and this was when I realised that she was actually a loony. She just floored it. The next thing you know she’s canned it over this little concrete ramp and completely lost it. Everyone is thrown from the buggy, the buggy is absolutely marmalised, it turned over completely. The buggy was a write-off!”

As a result of their antics Fisher hurt his jaw, while Tom’s shoulder and leg are also injured. He said: “The buggy landed on my leg. My bruises are still coming out three days later. I’ve got an immense bruise on my right leg and my shoulder is fucked. I’ve torn my AC joints, whatever that means. I think the plan is for the future that we’re going to get our own buggy and get someone to drive us around. It’s all about health and safety in our band!”

Cooper Temple Clause are on the cover of this week’s NME, on sale from today (September 2) in London, and nationwide from tomorrow, priced £1.60.