Keiran Mayhem is struggling to be fit for Glastonbury...

Cooper Temple Clause might be forced to play this weekend’s GLASTONBURY without their regular keyboardist KEIRAN MAYHEM – who has broken two fingers after a bizarre fistfight with a group of acrobats!

The band were playing at the Hulstfred Festival in Sweden earlier this month (June 15). Getting in the World Cup spirit, the Cooper Temple Clause challenged a group of acrobats, who were entertaining at the festival, to a re-run of the England Vs Sweden clash.

As the game got heated, Keiran believed he had been fouled by one of the acrobats and reportedly punched him. In doing so he broke two fingers on his right hand.

A spokesperson for the band told NME: “If Beckham can get fit for the World Cup then Keiran can get his fingers going in time for their biggest UK gig ever! He’s working on it as we speak!”

If he’s not fit enough to play a band associate will replace him.