If they'd all bought it in the shops, it could well have been their biggest hit to date...

Eleven thousand NME readers have made Cooper Temple Clause’s new song ‘A.I.M.’ their most popular single to date.

Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales last month, ‘A.I.M.’ was given away for free via NME. Unlikely to feature on any commercial release, it has become an instant collector’s item.

Demand far exceeded expectation, and chart experts have said that if that many fans had actually purchased the song commercially, it would have been highly likely to overtake their previous best chart placing. Currently holding that distinction is their debut single, ‘Film Maker/Been Training Dogs’, which peaked in the UK charts at Number 20 in May 2002.

A spokesperson for the Official Charts Service said: “If [‘A.I.M.’] sold that many in a week it would be a hit well within the Top Twenty. Some weeks of the year it would be pushing for the Top Fifteen.”

NME editor Conor McNicholas added: “The response to the Cooper Temple Clause single has been beyond our wildest expectations! Thousands and thousands of music fans have texted us to get their free single. NME has given the Cooper Temple Clause their biggest ever single and got loads of hot new music into the hands of music fans. It’s been a winner all round.”

Cooper Temple Clause are now in the studio, working on new songs for their second album proper. Currently untitled, it is due for release next year.