The band aren’t getting on because they all want their new record to have a different tracklisting...

Trouble has been brewing at BLEAK HOUSE where Cooper Temple Clause

are holed up recording their second album.

An argument at the band’s custom-built Berkshire studio has resulted in two tracks being scrapped from their forthcoming album, which is expected for release on September 1.


“We were compiling the album when one person suddenly said, ‘I don’t like this song, it’s the worst one on the album’, and then someone else chipped

in with, ‘Actually I really like it – it’s one of our strongest tracks,” bassist Didz told NME.COM. “Anyway, we all got involved and had a big argument about artistic direction and that kind of stuff.”

While Didz claims no punches were thrown, he admitted that out of the band guitarist Tom Bellamy is “particularly persuasive” but singer Ben Gautrey “kicks his heels in most”. The fight ended with the decision to get rid of two songs and replace them with two others originally intended as B-sides for forthcoming single ‘Promises Promises’.

“When we listened to them again we realised they were too good for B-sides. One’s got a working title of ‘Tom And Kiz’ and sounds like a more electronic Spiritualized and the other, ‘In Your Prime’, has a late ’60s feel to it,” said Didz.

The band are now busy improving the two rejected album tracks with the hope of using them as the B-sides for ‘Promises Promises’, released on August 1, while inter-band relations are said to be starting to get back to normal.