The Coral offer to tape over fans’ old cassette compilations with their new album

Band return after five years for new album 'Distance Inbetween' in March

The Coral have launched what they are calling a ‘Cassette Tape Amnesty’, offering to tape over their fans’ old cassette compilations with their new album ‘Distance Inbetween’.

The Liverpool act announced their return after a five year break in November. New album ‘Distance Inbetween’ is due in March.

The band are calling on fans to send their cassettes to: The Coral, PO Box 29479, NW1 6GG. Fifty will be selected and re-recorded with the new LP. See full details here.

“Home taping didn’t exactly kill music, but we know it caused some horrible collections of music to be compiled, so it’s time for an amnesty,” explains vocalist James Skelly. “Now is the time to dig into drawers, cupboards and boxes and admit to cassette crimes, or offer up the bad decisions of friends, relatives and lovers who made tapes that should never, ever be heard again.”

“‘Distance Inbetween’ is being released on cassette and we’re heavily influenced by our own rediscovery of the unique sound of old tapes, so the format is growing closer to our hearts. The format has an underrated life all of its own, so we’re doing our bit to restore its respectability.”

Watch the band’s psychedelic new video for ‘Chasing the Trail of a Dream’: