The Coral to make movie soundtracks

The band have already created their own films

The Coral are planning on a move into movie soundtrack work, and have already created some film scores for their own movies.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, The Coral’s keyboardist Nick Power explained that the band plan to release films they’ve made themselves in order to build their profile, before undertaking larger-scale soundtrack work.

“We’re going into film scores,” he said. “We’re working on a few movies of our own first – do the soundtracks, maybe release them and get momentum for the films to be released. Build our profile a bit.

“Everyone [in the band] is involved and we’ve done a few [films with soundtracks] already. We haven’t released them yet, but we will do. They’re horror movies, B movies, everything. I’ve always wanted to do them, we all love John Barry, Bond themes, things like that.

“You’ve got to mix it really. We love the pop side as much, but you’re sort of always pulling away in different directions. If you’ve got an outlet it’s amazing.”