The Coral get Noel Gallagher on new album

The Liverpudlians start work on follow-up to ‘The Invisible Invasion’

The Coral are recording the follow-up to 2005’s ‘The Invisible Invasion’ at Noel Gallagher’s studio in Buckinghamshire.

According to an announcement on the band’s official forum, The Coral began recording at Gallagher’s studio in Wheeler End on August 30.

The band are set to begin mixing what they’ve so far recorded, though it is not yet known how close the album is to completion.

The site explains: “The lads have gone down to Noel Gallagher`s studio in Wheeler End, Bucks. They are doing a week of recordings that may be used on the new album. I’ve heard a coulple of tracks that they recorded in London and to me they sounded great but i think the lads want to iron out a few creases in the mixing and stuff. This follows a stint recording at London’s RAK Studios.”

The Coral’s new album will be the band’s fourth full-length record.