The Coral wow Reading with greatest hits set

And Noel Gallagher's favourite band talk to NME.COM...

NOEL GALLAGHER’s favourite band THE CORAL brought good vibes to the READING leg of the CARLING WEEKEND tonight with a storming greatest hits set.

The group, who Gallagher recently described to NME as “fucking amazing”, played a set which drew heavily on new album ’The Invisible Invasion’, including the singles ’In the Morning’ and ’’Something Inside Of Me’.

But, of course, the band’s massive hits ’Dreaming Of You’ and ’Pass It On’ made their inevitable appearance in the evening sunshine.

Speaking earlier to NME.COM, frontman James Skelly said about playing Reading: “It’s good, it’s always good to play music to loads of people. It’s a good thing, isn’t it?”

He added: “I can’t tell the difference between one festival and another but it’s just good to play music.”

The set was:


‘Simon Diamond’

‘Bill McCai’

‘She Sings The Mourning’

‘Pass It On’

‘The Operator’

‘So Long Ago’

‘Don’t Think You’re The First’

‘Skeleton Key’

’Dreaming Of You’

‘Far From The Crowd’

‘In The Morning’

‘Something Inside Of Me’

‘Calendars And Clocks’

’Arabian Sand’