The Scousers' third LP, recorded live, gets limited release in January...

Less than a year after the release of ‘MAGIC & MEDICINE’, Coral already have their third album finished and ready to go.

Demonstrating a work ethic that must have amazed their record company, the band recorded ‘Nightfreaks And The Sons Of Becker’ live in just a week at Bryn Derwen studios in North Wales, with Ian Broudie at the controls.

Intended as a stop-gap until the band’s third album ‘proper’, just 75,000 CD copies of the album will be issued in the UK on January 26 at a special price of £7.99. There will be no singles released.

Singer James Skelly told NME: “I suppose it is a third album in a way. It’s an album, and it’s the third one.”

However, he did confirm the spontaneous approach to recording. “We just had a load of songs, recorded it, did the cover and then it’s done. Some of the songs we just wrote on the day. We banned anyone from hearing it ‘til it was done.”

Of the story behind the record’s bizarre title, Skelly simply revealed: “We’re Boris Becker’s illegitimate sons, travelling round the world to get money off him. We’re coming back to get the pay-off that we deserve!”

NME.COM has heard the album, and can reveal a scratchier, more lo-fi direction, while still being packed with dreamy, ‘Pass It On’-style moments. One track, ‘Migraine’, has already become their set-closer in recent live shows, looking set to become their equivalent of Super Furry Animals’ anthem ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’.

The full tracklisting is:

‘Precious Eyes’

‘Venom Cable’

‘I Forgot My Name’

‘Song Of The Corn’

‘Sorrow Or The Song’

‘Auntie’s Operation’

’Why Does The Sun Come Up?’

‘Grey Harpoon’

‘Keep Me Company’


‘Lover’s Paradise’

Meanwhile, the band released ‘Bill McCai’ on November 24, the fourth single to be lifted from ‘Magic And Medicine’.