The Coral to release eight year old album ‘Curse Of Love’

The band released their last album 'Butterfly House' in 2010

The Coral are to release an album that they originally recorded eight years ago.

‘Curse Of Love’ will come out “in the next few weeks”, according to the band’s Twitter account. James Skelly of the band also tweeted about the record, confirming that it was not technically a ‘new’ album. “Just to clarify the curse of love was recorded 8 years ago, it’s not a new album,” he wrote.

The record features a song called ‘Wrapped In Blue’, which received its debut on BBC Radio 6 Music on Sunday (August 24), when Portishead’s Geoff Barrow sat in for Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone. The ‘new’ album was recorded around the same time as ‘The Invisible Invasion’, which was produced by Barrow and his bandmate Adrian Utley. Listen to the track for a limited time by clicking here and scrolling to the 16 minute mark.

The Wirral band released their sixth album, ‘Butterfly House’, in 2010 – they have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2012. Speaking to NME in 2013 Ian Skelly of the band said The Coral halted studio sessions after recording half an album with producer John Leckie (The Stone Roses, Radiohead, Muse), in order to pursue other projects.

When asked about when The Coral might reconvene, he said: “I don’t know. There just has to be a demand for it, people have to decide they want it. For now, we’re on a break. That might last until next month. It could be five years.”