And it's all down to 'The Wicker Man'...

Rising Scouse band Coral narrowly escaped disaster when filming the video for new single, ‘GOODBYE’ in north Wales.

The video is inspired by the 1973 British cult horror movie classic ‘The Wicker Man’. When the band re-created the film’s famous, central scene featuring a huge burning wicker man, burning kindling began falling all around and the area had to be hastily cleared.

The accident left the band unfazed though. Explaining why they chose ‘The Wicker Man’ theme, Nick Power from the band told NME: “We’d just seen ‘The Wicker Man’ and it had just blown our heads.” Frontman James Skelly added: “(Friend and video director) Lol suggested it. He said, ‘Imagine a big wicker man burnin’, la!’. And we all thought that would be well good. Then we just got picked up the other day and there was a wicker man here and we were like…(looks incredulous)”.


In the film, originally set on a remote fictional Scottish island Summerisle, police sergeant Neil Howie (played by Edward Woodward) investigates the suspected disappearance of a local girl. Howie, who has a strict religious upbringing, soon discovers that the island, under the authority of the sinister Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), observes strange pagan rituals.

‘Goodbye’ is released on July 8 and the video will be included on the CD single.

Meanwhile, Coral release their debut self-titled album on July 22.

the tracklisting runs:

‘Spanish Main’

‘I Remember When’


‘Shadows Fall’

‘Dreaming Of You’

‘Simon Diamond’


‘Waiting For The Heartaches’

‘Skeleton Key’

‘Wild Fire’

‘Bad Man’

‘Calendars & Clocks’