It's all peace and harmony on the NME Carling Tour...

Coral’s JAMES SKELLY has insisted relations between him and fellow NME CARLING TOUR headliner Andrew WK are normal, despite reports of a rift on the tour.

This week’s NME, which is out in London today (February 6), spoke of a rift between the two camps. However, speaking to NME.COM this afternoon (February 5) Skelly played down the reports and said that he intends to speak to Andrew WK later, to ensure everything is OK.

He commented: “(Andrew WK)’s alright! We’ve just gone, done our music, he’s done his. We haven’t got a problem…All we want to do is get on with music and cut out bullshit like that. We’re about music, not about stuff like that, childish shit like that…


“I’m going to go up to him today and say ‘This is all bullshit’…we’re here to do a job, shake his hand, and say let’s get on with it. Know what I mean? I’ve got no problem with him and I’m sure he’s got no problem with me.”

The tour continues this evening in Leicester (February 5). Following the tour’s completion, Coral intend to start work on their debut album.