The band are keen to move away from their "spontaneous" debut...

Coral’s new album has a “strong acoustic vibe”, according to keyboardist NICK POWER.

The group are currently working on songs for their second album proper, due later this year. Power said that they were keen to move away from their “spontaneous” debut.

In an interview published on the XFM website, www.xfm.co.uk, he commented: “We wanted to strip the album down to the wood, to make something totally natural. While the first album was really spontaneous, we actually sat down and thought about this one. We wanted it organic, and there’s a strong acoustic vibe. We just wanted to write some quality songs, because there ain’t much around at the moment.”

Working titles for songs include ‘Witchcraft’, ‘Eskimo Lament’‘ and ‘Leaf To A Tree’.

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