The Courteeners big up Glastonbury headliner Jay-Z

Liam Fray says the rapper could be 'fucking brilliant'

The Courteeners‘ frontman Liam Fray has said that he will be watching Jay-Z at Glastonbury this weekend (June 28), but that he believes that the rapper’s booking may explain why tickets for the bash haven’t sold out yet.

Spaking to the Daily Star, Fray said he wasn’t too familiar with Jay-Z‘s work, but he planned to head to the Pyramid Stage to check him out anyway.

“I don’t own any Jay-Z records but I might go and watch him and then tell people who weren’t there it was fucking brilliant,” he said.

“It’s a strange thing,” he continued, talking about the controversial headline slot. “I mean, Glastonbury isn’t sold out is it? So I think that indicates what the majority of people who would usually go think.”